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Update: March 7, 2005
Welcome to the Monday, March 7, 2005 update of the NG Total Listing.

Yeah, it's a little late. My computer was being a buttmunch Sunday morning, and I had to restart. I figured that the downtime was going to be a problem, so I delayed the update until Sunday afternoon. By that time, I guess network load was way up, because it took 8 hours to do the update. *sigh* Oh well...

Update: February 27, 2005
Welcome to the Sunday, February 27, 2005 update of the NG Total Listing

I had written a nice, big post for this update, but then my fucking Firefox decided to silently commit hari kiri for no apparent reason. So, here's the condensed version. If you want to complain, go bitch at these silly fuckers.

Update: February 20, 2005
Welcome to the Sunday, February 20, 2005 update of the NG Total Listing.

A major note: I finally got the ALR list working! As a reminder: this list adds your BP rank and your EXP rank together, and ranks you by this sum. Lower numbers are better. Note that this list has a little extra data in the "All List Rank Total" column that I was using for debugging purposes; this extra stuff will go bye-bye in the next update.

Update: February 13, 2005
Welcome to the Sunday, February 13, 2005 update of the NG Total Listing.

A few things:

Update: February 9, 2005
Welcome to the Wednesday, February 9, 2005 update of the NG Total Listing

Thankfully, I had a much smoother time with the FTP servers tonight. Lots of stuff here:

Update: February 6, 2005
Welcome to the Sunday, February 6, 2005 update of the NG Total Listing
Or, should I say, the worst fucking update ever? Because the fucking FTP servers decided to be complete assholes and not fucking work half the time. I finally fucking gave up. Screw it. As such, a lot of mirror links aren't working (because the servers aren't working for shit). Also, I couldn't get the experience or review lists to work at all. If you really want to see these lists, you can download them both in a 2.41 MB ZIP here: The main EXP list page is exp-021305.html, while the main REV list page is rev-021305.html.

A couple of notes:

Update: January 26, 2005
Welcome to the Wednesday, January 26, 2005 update of the NG Total Listing!

Nothing terribly new today. I've started my 1,200,000-profile download, and I'll be using the new, updated profile lists on Sunday's update. Oh, and Denvish got 6+ bp/hr again! Heck, he almost got 7...

Update: January 23, 2005
Welcome to the Sunday, January 23, 2005 update of the NG Total Listing

Ah, finally, a relatively normal, pain-free update. What a RELIEF. A couple of things to consider:

Update: December 12, 2004
Welcome to the Sunday, December 12, 2004 update of the NG Total Listing


Update: December 8, 2004
Welcome to the Wednesday, December 8, 2004 update of the NG Total Listing

Well, this one's a little delayed because of that list. I forgot to change an index number on an array, and today's update decided not to list anybody. Oopsy. Anywho...

Update: December 1, 2004
Welcome to the Wednesday, December 1, 2004 update of the NG Total Listing

Nothing terribly new today. I've started the monthly profile pull; this month, I'm going to download 1,070,000 profiles. Fun fun! Enjoy the update. (Ooh, I got yellow again.....)

Update: November 29, 2004
Welcome to the Monday, November 29, 2004 update of the NG Total Listing

Sorry about the delay. I meant to have the update posted on Sunday, but the program had a little array-related problem due to the 4-decimal VP numbers I'm using now.

Wow, lots of stuff:

New lists:


Important Note

I thought that the formula I was using for the VP numbers was correct, but something went wrong. Since all of the other lists worked perfectly, I'm posting the other lists now, and I will update you guys when I've uploaded the VP list. Hang tight!

Update: November 24, 2004
Welcome to the Wednesday, November 24, 2004 update of the NG Total Listing

Surprise! Everyone loves surprises, no? Well, the listing finished up much more quickly than I thought it would, so I've gone ahead and posted the b/p updates. And I'm yellow again!

Update: November 21, 2004
Welcome to the Sunday, November 21, 2004 update of the NG Total Listing

Update: November 14, 2004
Welcome to the Sunday, November 14, 2004 update of the NG Total Listing

Only one thing for this update:

Update: November 10, 2004
Welcome to the Wednesday, November 10, 2004 update of the NG Total Listing

A few notes:

Update: November 8, 2004

Well, I've uploaded the working version of the Sunday, November 7, 2004 update of the NG Total Listing.

Stupid fucking FTP servers gave me a ton of trouble with this one. Deciding to stop halfway through an upload, going at a snail's pace, and other general fuck-ups. I hate FTP servers. Damned things.

A few notes:

*goes and takes out his anger and frustration on pillows*

I've disabled the Sunday update of the Total Listing.

Turns out either my connection was having troubles last night, or the NG servers went down for a short period. I noticed the problem first in the Reviews list because one of the affected profiles was in the top 10, but it looks like every list was affected.

If your profile was between numbers 717877 and 747311, then you were inadvertently left off of the lists. I am re-doing the update right now using data from the last update.'ll just be like I ran the Sunday update later than usual.

Sorry about the mass confusion, and please ignore any rank data that was on the update I posted earlier. I'll have this problem fixed in a few hours.

Update: November 7, 2004
Welcome to the Sunday, November 7, 2004 update of the NG Total Listing.

Wow, lots of stuff this time:

Oh, the joys of new lists. But hey, it's challenges that keep life interesting, no? Enjoy the update!

Update: October 31, 2004
Welcome to the Sunday, October 31, 2004 update of the NG Total Listing!

Wow, so much stuff:

Update: October 27, 2004
Welcome to the Wednesday update of the NG Total Listing.

Two things of note today:

Tomorrow, I'll be making my final decisions on what stays and what goes, based on public response in the polls. So if you haven't voted yet, VOTE TODAY!

Update: October 21, 2004
I've added another list to the NG Total Listing: Blam/Save Lifetime. It lists your blam/saves per day over your entire profile lifetime. I'm doing a test run right now, but I expect that it will be published on the Sunday update. Also, the NG Total Listing has received its 1000th hit in the two weeks since I started using counters. Yay!

Update: October 10, 2004
Well, I had originally intended to have this update posted much earlier this morning, but I was having some problems with the new VP listing. However, I have fixed these problems, and posted the lists as usual. Today marks the first Experience and B/P Alt Sort updates with the new profile list, and the first Voting Power list. Rank #501 for the VP list has a voting power of 7.20, so anybody currently below that point on gfoxcook's list will soon be cut off of his list. Anywho, enjoy the update!

Update: October 6, 2004
Here it is, the first B/P update using the new profile list. I just noticed a little something that I forgot to mention: anyone that was recently added to the list WILL NOT be listed in the B/P Alt Sort list until Sunday (because I have no previous data for these people).

Update: October 4, 2004
Well, the Full Profile List update has completed. Here's what I got:


# B/P Profiles1411615169+1053
# EXP Profiles6383465866+2032


# VP Profiles65867
# Garbage Whistles1080
# Bronze Whistles1841
# Silver Whistles2443
# Gold Whistles1 (-Obsidian-)
# Diety Whistles1 (ramagi)

Well, that's conclusive proof that there's currently only 1 gold whistle. I'll release full linkable profile lists for the whistles later today. Wednesday's B/P update will use the new profile list, while Sunday's update will use the next EXP and VP lists. Welcome to the 3085 new entries to the B/P and EXP lists!

Update: October 1, 2004
Well, looks like everything's back up and running. The reinstall went more quickly and easily than I thought it would, so I'll still be able to update the list this weekend. However, I now don't have time to update the full profile list before the weekend, so that will have to wait until Sunday. As such, the Voting Power list won't be posted until October 10. Oh well, such is life.

Update: September 29, 2004
Well, here's the blam/protect update! It was a little delayed due to Tom's site maintenance thingy, but it's here. Now that that's finished, I'm starting the full Profile List update. When I'm done, I'll post a bunch of stats regarding the new lists, and I'll have a few whistle level lists, too! Fun fun! Now that NG is over 1,000,000 user ID's, I have to bump the check range up to 1,050,000, in order to cover anyone that signs up in the next couple of days. *sigh* Oh well, I should have expected this, anyway.

Update: September 26, 2004
Sorry about the late update, but I slept in due to a sore throat. I can only hope that I haven't caught mono (I think I've got white patches on the tonsils...). Anywho, the experience list minimum has been upped from 50exp to 100exp, which has helped quite a bit. If I consider raising it again, it won't be for a while, due to bugs like these:

I found those when I checked the update I ran today. Other than that, though, it looks like everything's set for the October changes. I'll be running the full profile list update (1,100,000 profiles) right after the next blam/save update, and on Sunday 10/3, the new VP list should make its big debut.

Update: September 22, 2004
Alright guys, end of the month's coming up. I'll be implementing a few new features for October, including:

Update: September 16, 2004
I've gone digging through Newgrundling's Level FAQs, and I pulled a couple of formulas from the calculations section. Now the experience list has a couple new features: a point levels list showing how many points are needed for each level, and a new column ("Est. Pts Til Level-Up") showing how many points a user needs to achieve the next level. Also, the blam/protect list will now have the "Est. Days Til Rank-Up" column in every update, not just Wednesday. All of these new features, along with repaired rank-change and point-change information for the experience list, will be included in the next update, September 19th.

Update: September 13, 2004
More good news, bad news. Good news: I've got the 9/13/04 update posted. Bad news: Experience list is completely screwed up. For some reason, all of the previous point values got misread, so now everybody's point and rank changes are all messed up. I'll figure out what's wrong tomorrow...

Update: September 12, 2004
Well, I've got good news and bad news. Good news, that mirror that stopped working, has started working again. Which is good, because it's my favorite one (fast connection, no ads, lots of space). So I've bumped it back up to mirror #1 for each list (always use mirror #1!). Now for the bad news: I won't be able to post the update until after midnight, at least. If this stupid program doesn't start going faster, it might have to wait until Monday morning. For some reason it's been going extra slow tonight...

Update: September 9, 2004
Well, I've done a "quick fix": I created a temporary account at a new provider, and uploaded both lists onto it. It should last until I get a more permanent solution, but the experience list's "full list" doesn't work (it's too big: 4MB). Errrr.......well, at least it's actually working now.

Ahhh!!!!!! Something's gone wrong with the hosting service that I'm using for the experience list and the first b/p mirror. Looks like their whole website is down. Not good, not good.....:-(

I'll be out of town from Friday afternoon until late Sunday, so Sunday's update will be postponed until either late Sunday or midday Monday.

Update: September 8, 2004
I've finished coding the "Est. Days Til Next Rank-Up" column. I also fixed the profile links and shortened the pages a little bit. I'm running a test of the program right now, and if it works fine, I'll go ahead and post the results.

Update: September 5, 2004
I just finished posting today's update. I accidentally put Sept. 4 in the Current Lists table, when it should have been Sept. 5. Oops! Oh, and there's only one mirror for the experience list now; Angelfire only gives 20MB, and the experience list needed 32MB. Oh well. But, it's the first new update of the experience list, so enjoy!

Update: September 3, 2004
After re-doing the "Other Notes" section, I've decided to re-do the entire NG Stuff section of my website. Everything's a little more organized now. Oh, and I'm not going to automate the automated list maker. I'll continue doing the posting part by hand (in case something screws up). Also new is a NGTL Guide to help you find your way around the NG Total Listing. Have fun!

Update: September 2, 2004
I've re-done the "Other Notes" section, and turned it into a "Frequently Asked Questions" section. If you've got a question, check there first! Upcoming stuff includes...well, not much, just a possible new column for estimated days until next rank/level-up, and a possible automation of the list maker. This would automatically run the list making program at a set time, upload the results to the web servers, then post a notice on Newgrounds about the update. I'm about 50% through, I just need to (re-)figure out how to send HTTP POST requests in VB .NET. Fun fun!

Update: August 31, 2004
I've settled on an update schedule: Blam/post updates every Wednesday and weekend (Sat or Sun), and experience updates every weekend. With the sheer number of people, including lower-ranked people, on this list, a lot of ranks can change in 3 or 4 days. I've been running the list over and over (testing some new changes), and there's already a lot of changes. So, be prepared for a full blam/post update tomorrow afternoon!

Update: August 29, 2004
Ack! Another mini-update! This time, I've added a full listing page. It's a list of profile numbers, with links to the listing page containing that profile. The instructions are in the list file. Oh, and I can't archive old lists (no space!). Those things are 5.24 MB for the b/p list, and 13.6 MB for the exp list (and that's going to get MUCH bigger).

I've finished a mini-update of the blam/protect list. This is to test/demonstrate the new features of the list. Remember, it's only been one day (35 hours to be precise), so there's a LOT of "unchanged" profiles on there.

I've been working on an upgrade to my list making program to show changes in rank and stats. I'm doing a test run on the blam/saves right now, and if it works, I'll go ahead and post it. Changes include:

Update: August 28, 2004

I've uploaded the complete blam/save and experience lists. It's got all 1011 Elite Guards, too. Check it out!! (Links are above)

My 1,000,000 profile miner is finished!!! Here's the results:

Much fewer profiles than I expected. This is very good. I should have a complete listing of all experience and b/p users (above the thresholds) posted shortly.

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